Civil war consumes the Four Horsewomen: How WWE’s key quartet reignited the women’s division

The division of Even the WWE women dominated the factors in pro wrestling this week – and all because of this return to power from the Four Horsewomen.
Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were over both’s online discussions along with the broadcast Raw and SmackDown. After a spell on the sidelines for inventories, the quartet are very back with a bang.
A steely edge was shown by bayley by bringing a voucher on SmackDown which raised eyebrows and hitting then and Lynch Flair with a steel seat.
It was a promo that pointed on the part but was a reflection of the blurring of those lines which is still something which will be hugely successful on even the cleverest of fans of Bayley.
The reaction to the chair shots was to cheer, and also to get a’Yes’ chant to split out, before the stadium full of boos as Bayley and Banks slowly made their exit up the ramp.
On SmackDown the chair shots were again cheered, then the audience began to chant for Becky Lynch. Who’s the face and who is the heels? Who’s at the right and who’s in the wrong? Arena audiences don’t appear to understand, and it’s creating a situation that is fascinating.
It has been a great week to get the division of WWE’s women and it seems as though that is just the beginning of what could be something special. A key element of this (admittedly somewhat brief so far) success is that all four of the Horsewomen have developed characters.
Lynch is the self-styled’Person’ who has a messiah complex and believes – perhaps correctly – which she’s the one that has elevated the division. Flair is covetous and nepotistic but also very aware of her heritage and the opportunities her name have given her.
That trait hasn’t revealed itself yet, and so far her return to WWE has been about dethroning Lynch to do, along with re-asserting her place as the alpha female of this division, although banks is definitely manipulative.
And then there’s Bayley; proprietor of undoubtedly the altered persona this week along with a person with whom there now exists a enormous amount of interest. It has turned into a subtle tweak, too; this new character isn’t that different to the one she’s been around for decades although nonetheless, there’s not much subtlety in hitting someone.
Bayley still wants to be the role model to the fans, she wants to increase the women’s division and she still wants to give the spotlight and feature matches to rivals who’ve previously been overlooked.
Nevertheless, it’s being down using an intense disconnection from reality and also a sense of loyalty to Banks which, while one and still an admirable trait befitting a role model, is a thing to look around when it manifests itself in violence.
She is the heels who does not realise she is a heel. She is not reliant on the’heating’ of a hometown insult or even more directly villainous actions. The implication is that their parents are not being stated role models, when she talks of being a role model to young fans. It’s like she’s talking of a deed, where your average WWE fan has no idea If she talks of her loyalty to Banks.
There are shades of Kurt Angle’s ancient heel work in drama here, in addition to a acknowledgement of the criticism Bayley confronted for her babyface promos which referenced the fact that she had been a WWE fan as a child.
From that point, there is so much they could perform with these four. Flair and Banks also have name matches against, respectively, Bayley and Lynch in Clash of Champions on September 15. On the card, these 2 games have come to be the in the space of one week.
The pay-per-view for October is Hell In A Cell – what cost a deadly of, or maybe ? Or perhaps a two-against-two by which Lynch and Flair have been forced to formed an alliance that would be deeply uncomfortable considering that the brutality of the feud within the last calendar year.
Survivor Series is after that, and again will host the champion-against-champion matches. Lynch missed out last year due to her Nia Jax-inflicted accident, with Flair taking her place contrary to Ronda Rousey. The Bayley-Banks rematch that is continuing, as well as that story, is. The options are almost endless.
They ought to map storylines for those four which lead all of the way, Should WWE want to really build up to something special.
When it constructed and is written the story could be informed of those Four Horsewoman putting their differences and uniting to face a frequent enemy – the collection.
It’s a long shot, and a lot would have to happen between now and then but envision it: the WWE Four Horsewomen from Rousey’s MMA Four Horsewomen . It wouldn’t get much larger than that.
However, things are a very long way off. The branch of the women is red-hot back and there’ll be lots of opportunities for intrigue at the forthcoming weeks and months since the Four Horsewoman’s personalities.
The Four Horsewomen return, and if they might be in a state of civil war, their own importance of WWE has this week been hugely reinforced.
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